Welcome to my page!

I have been a teacher at an NGO that teaches underprivileged children since I was 16, it became and still is one of my strongest passions.  The reason I did join the NGO was because I went through some difficult situations and was clinically depressed for a while.

I see huge dreams and a bucket load of success for all these kids that live in unimaginable circumstances, it’s a cause I will never quit fighting for. It was only through my journey with them that I actually did get out of depression.

At the same time, I am just like any other girl who adores the sparkling and extraordinary world of fashion, lifestyle and all that jazz. I want to blog about the outfits I wear, the places I go to, the food I eat, the movies I watch and so much more!

So tailor-made teacher is my story of how I am trying to bridge the borders of both my passions through blog posts and pictures and create more awareness about mental health. Honestly, I don’t know whether what I am doing is going to be accepted or even understood and if people are going to appreciate my work or criticise it; since what I am doing is so totally different, but a wise woman once said,

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” 

Also, follow me on Instagram @natashakotharii and Facebook @Tailor-Made Teacher


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