What I Would Not Know If I Was Not Educated

India is a country lying at the bottom of the barrel, stagnant when it comes to its levels of literacy. Having the words “Poverty”, “Backwards”, “Third-World” as it’s synonyms, India and it’s people seem to have become too comfortable in this huge social and economic divide that governs it. With people who don’t care to do much for others on one end of the spectrum and people who really can’t do much for themselves on the other.

Do we really underestimate the need to be a wholly educated country?

This got me thinking about the importance of being privileged enough to afford a decent education, but it also got me wondering what I would not know if I was not educated.


A wise man once said, “Divided we fall, united we stand”. Education is a cause worth fighting for, spreading literacy is a movement worth working for. Even if ALL of us just make a tiny step towards spreading literacy it’ll be millions of tiny steps contributing to a better tomorrow.


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