Just some verses put together

Today I will thrive
For it might be the storms on either side
That make me run and sometimes hide
But I promise, for your sake
Today I will thrive 

Trying to save mine, if not many lives.
Although I wish for once that you could see,
the battles that rage in the space above my brow
An intimate tear shed sometimes
And sometimes 6 degrees of hell down and below.

They said feel privileged and lucky to be alive
So for their sake, if not mine
Today I will thrive
I will shield myself from those heartbreaks, feuds, drop in emotions
and a heightened sense of blue.

If not I then who else?
For I made sure of the abnormalities inside me no one had a clue. 

What am I to do if not thrive?
Life will serve you problems aplenty
Don’t let such petty ones in your way I was told
Nobody knew that from this state you’re not given parole 

Don’t mistake me for someone I am not
For my actions stem from places devoid of my control
Again and again, as I try to revive I need to keep telling myself
To forget yesterday but today to thrive.

I don’t blame you for not taking me on my word
when I say I have been going through mental war
What I feel is the raging storm
What you see is the quiet before
And so even if you don’t help me survive,
I know for a fact, today I will thrive. 

I will sway from a lion heart to someone that always falls apart
I will hit rock bottom maybe and maybe I’ll just breeze through
I don’t expect the world to understand
The many dimensions of myself I am subjected too
Maybe if you scratch the surface a little, you’ll know there is always a story behind
those that many misconstrue 

And so remember as you sleep with the hope of a better tomorrow
remember as the tears of yesterday deter you from coming out alive
never for others but only for your sake
you need to learn to thrive. 


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