Dear 19 year old, single, overworked me

You live in this fast-moving, competitive world where everybody is hustling. You live in this world where becoming a somebody is what everybody is aspiring to be, you live in this world where there is ample innovation, discoveries, revolutions on a massive scale.  The world where nobody stops, nobody legs and nobody gives up. It’s not okay to relax.

It is the world you’re growing up in, it’s the world that you’re being moulded for. It’s the world you need to contribute too, otherwise, you too are going to be a nobody.

You live in this world where feminism is at its peak, so now you’re a legacy and a force that needs to just push forward because no excuse, no circumstance can stop you or should stop you. Nothing. Imagine the pressure. People need to look up to you, understand?

Who has time to “act like a girl”, isn’t that the thing you’re not supposed to be doing these days?  So what if you’re a girl, don’t you see others who have fought so hard and gotten where they are?  Why can’t you be like other fast moving girls? Just keep pushing, keep aspiring and keep working, isn’t that how people will know you? Don’t you want a pat on the back for a job well done? Do something, just do it now.

Dream, be passionate, break boundaries, disrupt the stereotypes, create something, become viral just do it, do something! If you don’t what is the point? Are you really doing something with your life then? You’re fortunate to have the opportunity, are you really deserving enough if you don’t use it to your favour?

Get out and look around, there will be hundreds your age who have already made it to the top of the mountain, so what if you’re already working, so what if you’re trying constantly and yet failing. Pressure yourself, life is too short. Just be the best version of you, it’s what everybody’s doing. Get out of your comfort zone, nothing grows there.

Not everybody needs a somebody, stop being so dependent. Be today’s woman, today’s woman doesn’t need a man, today’s woman does it all by herself, today’s woman is independent in her own stride, today’s woman is equivalent to a man, is it that hard for you to understand? Be modern, be open minded and don’t get bogged down. You are still young, you got to fight, you got to do, if not you then who else. Right? Hustle, hustle, hustle.

Don’t be scared, don’t underestimate yourself, don’t compare yourself, forward is the only direction you should be concerned with. No time to stop and smell the roses, just keep swimming, just keep swimming. In this race, you cannot be last.

People will not appreciate you, do you want to be appreciated or not? Forget everything and just get lost in this pursuit of making it big and proving a point to this world, to everybody. You’re a 21st-century girl, times are changing you gotta keep up.

Do you think you have a choice? Have they left you any?

Maybe, but you’ll never know if don’t try.


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