Choices over abilities

There are always some movies, some people, some incidences, some books or even some movies that leave you utterly inspired and will always remain with you, etched in your bank of daily philosophies. Something that just connects you to them and you feed of off their positive energy and get a whole new perspective on life (okay maybe not so much but maybe just a little).

I mean there are just so many forms of inspiration, its so widespread and easily found and yet I think its one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, to be inspired and to be able to inspire…

So let me talk about someone, who has inspired me.


“My name is Anjali and I am about 18 years old. I was born in a family of 4 sisters and 2 brothers, since we live in poor conditions my parents couldn’t afford to bring up the whole lot of 6 children, my mother decided to give me away to my  Uncle. My Uncle who was unmarried initially brought me up just fine, although he would never let me out of the house forget about going to school and would want me to be on top of all the household chores, it was still all okay. Things took a turn for the worse when he started to torture and abuse me, he would go out and fight with someone or another and come home and remove all his anger on me in horrible ways. I was bearing with it all until one day I just could not. I left my Uncles house and went straight back to my parents. Staying with them I realised that I was just being an unnecessary burden, not working or even studying since I was too old to start school by then. One day I decided that just like my mother I want to take up a job as a domestic help, in a couple of days I got a decent and well paying job and they even agreed to let me stay there. I finally felt happy with my life and was thankful that all the bad times were over but the only regret I had was that I was uneducated. I would see the kids in the house and in and around the building studying, reading and talking so well in English and I wished I could do the same.  Seeing this my employer also encouraged me to take up tuitions or some classes, that’s when she found out about this NGO and enrolled me and so here I am just starting to learn my A,B,C’s. I don’t know how long it will take for me to actually be able to learn and educate myself but now that I have started there is no looking back.” 

It’s our choices, Harry that show us who we truly are, far more than our abilities.

– Albus Dumbledore.

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