Who is my style inspiration

In each of our lives, in some way or another we always have this one person, or maybe even more people who we always look up to and tend to personify. We believe that the best version of ourself can come from impersonating them because in our head, everything they do is just the epitome of perfection.

We can have role models for style and fashion, or for hard work and passion or even for love and romance and so much more!

Since my blog is all about blending my two passions of fashion, lifestyle and social work this blog post is going to be all about 6 kids from my NGO talking about who their style icon is and why. Who’s style, way of conducting themselves and lifestyle inspires them THE most.

So, here goes!



“My role model is Shahrukh Khan, I feel he can do anything and everything. If he can make himself a superstar from being nothing at all, he is so talented and capable. Even though he is so huge, his style is so that we can only perceive humility and kindness. More than anything what I love is the fact that he has SUCH a huge fan following, maybe someday even I will!



“My role model is Shraddha Kapoor, I absolutely adore her style and think it is very beautiful. After I watched ABCD 2, I fell in love with her dance and attitude. Maybe someday I will too become an actress and people will call me beautiful too, you never know. Shraddha Kapoor motivates me to fulfil my dreams.”



“My role model is APJ Abdul Kalam. I don’t adore his style or attitude because of the way he dressed or the way he looked, I adore the style with which he has made his life so successful. Inspite of being from the lower caste, going through various personal and other struggles in life he never once let his past pull him back or his present hold him down. He worked hard and did something for the nation and so do I, both with our own style!



“My role model is Madhuri Dixit, her smile is the most beautiful thing in the world. I watch her TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” and I see her style so full of grace that it inspires me to be just like her. Her way of dancing is also so feminine and amazing, its her style that I want!



“My role model is Arijit Singh, since I was as little as 5 I have been singing songs. So naturally when I came across Arijit Singh I became his No.1 fan. His style of singing is so soulful, I aspire to be like him and make people feel something through my songs just like he does. I want to make my parents and teachers proud by becoming someone just like him, his style is my inspiration. Some day when Im one of the best singers, I hope in heaven I make my mother proud.”



“My role model is Suresh Raina, the way he plays his game is so stylish and amazing that I want to be just like him. Not only is he an ace cricketer but he is one of the most good looking and  fashionable cricketer according to me. He is all in one and I want to be like him, known for my skill and fashion, maybe someday!

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