Why I love my body and fat shamers too 

So a wise woman once said, “Yeah, it’s pretty clear, I ain’t no size two. But I can shake it, shake it, like I’m supposed to do’Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase and all the right junk in all the right places.” Her saying then became the motto of my life!

In today’s day and age almost every girl  or woman, without taking their mirror image into consideration for some very odd reason have at least once said these 5 golden words out loud,

“I think I’ve become fat!”

The way our society portrays beauty, taking size as a hugely important deciding factor and the way that practice is easily lapped on by people part of the society (fat shamers) is so successful, that 99% of the womenkind have been a victim of this practice. Me being one of them and knowing several others who go through it at a larger extent, I figured fretting about it was never going to help me or anyone else.

So here I came up with 10 reasons why you should love your body and fat shamers too!

1) Have you heard of any Indian mythological story that describes women as, as thin as a stick or slim or largely resembling a hanger ? No. They always describe women as voluptuous and curvy. They knew what sexy was!

2) S, M, L, XL are just stupid alphabets on a stupid tag. Being fit is what matters the most, if being overweight is being unfit then being excessively skinny is being unfit as well.

3) Why is it that the world looks up to women like Adele, Beyoncè, Queen Latifah and Marliyn Monroe? Not for having the smallest garment size but for having all the right curves in all the right places and making sure that their confidence about their body is exuded.

4) Fat shamers feel a certain pride in making you feel insecure about your body, it’s mystery to me why but their sly taunts and snobbish comments just never stop! They best way to shut them up is to tell them that anyone can drive a straight road, it takes a real driver to handle the curves.

5) A study suggests that 9/10 men prefer curvy women, the 10th man? He just prefers the other 9 men.

6) To prove the 5th point, think about it, have you ever heard any song that talks about “The baby got a sexy thigh gap” ? It’s always songs like Jennifer Lopez and her booty!

7) To be honest, style has no size. The skinnest girl can dress bad and be a walking around like a fashion disaster, then not even her thigh gap can make her look good. Can it?

8) Social validation is the worst thing that we can ever look for, hating ourselves just because other people don’t validate the way we look, the way we weigh or the way we are is just plaid said, instead of trying to tweak ourself we should tweak such pricks out of our lives. Nothing that goes with the herd, ever made history.

9) People who believe that beautiful women are those who are skinny, are just people who have never been able to be happy with themselves and look for social validation the most, along with having a bundle of insecurities.

10) Who knows, sometimes god puts so much awesomeness in one person that just some skin and bones can’t contain it all!


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